Hello from Louisiana

  • Hello everyone!

    I hope you can read my English. I'm writing from Louisiana. I am a fan of the Oz books, but I also love the books by Volkov and Sukhinov. I hope they are translated into English some day!

  • Hello and Welcome on this bord.

    It's great to have you here.
    Did you read Wolkow and Sukhinow in russian?

    I read the Oz-books by Baum and of course Wolkow. But Sukhinov is only aviable with his book "Goodwin -the great and terrible".

    I think Baum's books are great, but I love Wolkow's books more. Surely it has something to do with growing up with them.

    Anyway, would love to hear more about you.

    seit dem ich Buchstaben im Kopf zu Wörtern zusammensetzten kann
    (und dafür keine Stunden mehr brauche)