Jules Verne im FIlm

  • Es ist ein neues Buch angekündigt worden - folgende Info erreichte mich:


    THE FUTURE REVISITED, a new book that examines Hollywood adaptations of

    Jules Verne stories, is an interdisciplinary study that offers a fresh

    perspective on film history, French literature, science fiction and

    America in the 1950s.

    Written by Francoise Schiltz, the book is published as an illustrated

    paperback by Chaplin Books this month (March 24). It is a fascinating

    and authoritative account of how the stories of Jules Verne, a

    distinguished French novelist better known around the world as the

    father of science fiction and an accurate predictor of much of the

    twentieth century, found particular resonance with US filmmakers in the

    1950s. Schiltz looks at four of the most popular films - Around the

    World in 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center

    of the Earth and Mysterious Island - and argues that there were many

    parallels between Verne’s technological adventures and postwar America,

    with its themeparks, shopping malls, Levittowns and plethora of

    consumer goods. Just as nineteenth-century readers of Verne’s books

    could experience travel from the comfort of their seats, viewers of

    these films could be swept away on an imaginary flight, a voyage in a

    submarine, or a trek to the earth’s core, all in spectacular widescreen

    and with ground-breaking special effects. Yet the pleasures offered

    were ambivalent: encounters with exotic places and cultures might have

    led the audience to question common assumptions such as gender roles;

    seeing futuristic domestic spaces could highlight the confusion of

    attitudes to private and public life in suburbia, and the films’

    blending of nostalgia and progress might draw attention to society’s

    tug-of-war between innovation and conformity.

    Francoise Schiltz is originally from Luxembourg and now lives in

    London. She studied English literature at the University of Kent and

    went on to do a PhD in Film Studies at the University of Southampton.


    232-page illustrated paperback priced at £14.99 (ISBN 9780956559524).

    Ich hab es mir problemlos schon bei AMAZON bestellt:

    Hier der Link, ich hoffe er funktioniert: https://www.amazon.de/Future-R…TF8&qid=1300203894&sr=8-1

  • Ich hatte es mir gleich in die Firma senden lassen, so konnte ich es in der Mittagspause durchblättern.

    Ich denke es ist eine gute Wahl gewesen: Sauber recherchiert, umfangreiche Quellenangaben, 50 Seiten allg. Einführung in das Thema ... es wird bestimmt interessant .... Während die Hauptbeschreibungen FIlme der 50er Jahre sind, ist auch noch eine andere Filmographie beigefügt als Anhang ...