In the Year 2889 (2000) 40 Min.

  • 2000 X was a celebration of the year 2000. During
    that year, NPR (National Public Radio) and Hollywood Theatre of the Ear collaborated
    on a project to dramatize stories highlighting the social, political, and
    technological possibilities of the new millennium. Hosted by award winning
    author Harlan Ellison, and produced by the increasingly popular Yuri
    Rasovsky, these dramas featured classic works of science fiction as well as
    more modern works. Audio quality, sound effects, music and acting were
    all excellent. The series included at least 26 episodes, each one-hour long. Many
    of the episodes contained more than one story, bringing the total to at least
    49 stories.

    Authors included Roger
    Zelazny, Theodore Sturgeon, Kurt Vonnegut, and Connie Willis, as well as George
    Bernard Shaw, Jack London, Mark Twain, and Rudyard Kipling. Actors included:
    Robin Williams, Richard Dreyfuss, Samantha Eggar, Charles Durning, and some 100

    In the Year 2889

    Year: 2000

    Duration: 40 min

    Genre: Future Earth

    Story by: Jules Verne and
    Michel Verne, 1889

    A prophetic glimpse into the life of a business tycoon in
    the year 2889. The tycoon in question is Francis Bennett, the owner of the Earth-Harold news
    service and a pioneer in the field of telephonic journalism.

    With David Dukes.

    "Such, for this year of grace 2889,
    is the history of one day in the life of the editor of the Earth-Harold. And
    the history of that one day is the history of 365 days every year, except
    leap-years, and then of 366 days—for as yet no means has been found of
    increasing the length of the terrestrial year."